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  • NSF CERTIFIED COCONUT CARBON SHELL : Approved and tested by WQA, the USA Water Qualification Association, Using only high-grade coconut carbon blocks to absorb bad containment, Therefore PureGreen GENERAL ELECTRIC Refrigerator filters, Which are also compatible for KENMORE Refrigerators, Makes this deal, one of the best. LESS EXPENSE BETTER HEALTH & EXCEPTIONAL TASTE

    VERY AFFORDABLE : Instead of grabbing a can of soda or Purchasing Water Bottle, SAVE MONEY, use these GE FILTERS which are also KENMORE FILTERS and ASSURE YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY'S HEALTH drinking FILTERED PURIFIED WATER for MUCH LESS MONEY – a cost effective alternative to OEM filters. Suddenly realize that everyone is enjoying BETTER TASTE, drinking more water, and maintain yours and their health.

    COMPATIBLE GENERAL ELECTRIC (GE) AND KENMORE FILTERS : Designed to be GE MWF Filteration, GE MWFA Filters, GE GWF Filters, GE GWF01 Filters,GE GWFA Filters, GE GWF06 Filters, GE MWFP Filters, GE MWFAP Filters, GE GWF0 Filters, GE GWF06 Filters, GE HWF Filters, GE HWFA Filters, GE FMG-1 Filters, and Kenmore 9991 Filters, Kenmore 46-9991 Filters, Kenmore 469991 Filters. GO FOR IT! DON'T HESISTATE

    TWIST AND LOCK EASY DESIGN : Simple design provides easy, tool-free, no-mess filter replacement to change efficiently & have everyone enjoy every single cup of water. The PureGreen MWF Water Filters improves taste making each glass of water healthy and hydrating. Each and every filter with highest standards bringing you the purest water to the last drop. This generic replacement GE 3 pack filters last, approximately 6 months, as long as the OEM filter by a fraction of price. SAVE MONEY.

    100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – We care about our customers and want you to drink only the purest water. If for any reason something doesn’t go according to plan and you’re not fully satisfied, let us know and we will take care of it right away! CUSTOMER'S SATISFACTION IS OUR HIGHEST PRIORITY, TRY US OUT! WE WILL AMAZE YOU! BE PREPARED TO BE SURPRISED HOW OUR TEAM IS DEDICATED TO SERVE YOU RIGHT

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