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  • Help Remove Water Impurities – These advanced water filter replacements for Jura coffee machines helps eliminate chlorine, lead, copper, aluminum, and other metals.
  • Reduce Hard Water and Limescale – Designed as a Jura CLEARYL Blue Water Filter replacement, these filters help reduce scaly buildup and need for regular descaling.
  • Purer, Better-Tasting Coffee – Eliminating impurities and minerals from the water can help improve the overall purity and quality of espressos and fresh-brewed coffee.
  • Quick and Easy Inline Replacement – Though not a traditional Jura OEM product, these coffee water filters work seamlessly with most systems and install in seconds.
  • Universal Compatibility – These coffee filters fit most Jura Compatible models including, Giga 5, Impressa Z9, Z7, J9.3, later model F8 and F7, and more!
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